Steam Crave Hadron Plus DNA250C and Hadron Lite Advanced Combo Kits

The Steam Crave Hadron is a massive gaming PC with an eye-catching price tag. Although the gaming PC is massive, it offers great performance. One downside is the small screen, but its custom YiHi chipset makes up for this. The other drawback is the off-hand feel of the PC. However, if you’re considering this PC as a… Continue reading Steam Crave Hadron Plus DNA250C and Hadron Lite Advanced Combo Kits

Artery Adapter

An Artery Adapter is a device that is designed to connect a vein to an artery. The artery is opened longitudinally, and the ring of the adapter is inserted into the artery. The vein is pushed over the adapter. Sometimes a thread is used to secure the vein. As the adapter expands from its own… Continue reading Artery Adapter

Advken Pod Kit Review

The Advken Pod Kit is a stick-style vaporizer that is similar to the Pods from other leading brands such as Uwell Caliburn, Vaporesso XROS, and Smok NFIX. The potentiometer and adjustable airflow are two of its key features. As such, the kit is extremely portable, especially for those on the go. A review of the features of… Continue reading Advken Pod Kit Review

Dead Rabbit R Tank Review

The Dead Rabbit R Tank is a new style of meshed rebuildable tank that combines the best in flavour and performance. Its unique design incorporates a bottom airflow adjustment system and knurled grip for a better grip. The R Coil accessories are included with the R Tank, and you can rebuild the tank as many times as… Continue reading Dead Rabbit R Tank Review