How to Vape With the Advken Pod Kit

Advken Pod kit

If you’re looking for a portable battery charger that will work with your Advken Pod kit, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do you get a powerful battery, you also get a very small, sleek device that’s easy to clean. The Advken Pod kit offers both of these features, and more. Read on to learn more about this amazing kit. This is one of the best options for anyone who wants to vape without the need for a lot of extras.

The Advken Pod Kit is one of the best options for those trying to quit smoking. The device uses replaceable pods and is easy to clean. The Pods are tinted to make it easier to see the amount of e-liquid inside. The mouthpiece is tapered, and provides a smooth tip for MTL draws. The silicone fill port cover has plenty of grip and sits deeply inside the fill port. Lastly, the Pod kit has a built-in recharging port.

The Advken Pod Kit‘s unique design features a Konb tension adjustable coil for optimal temperature control. It also has a 580mAh internal battery and a convenient lateral e-juice holder. Its e-liquid tank is compatible with a 1.2ohm malla bobina. You can even change the e-juice if you wish. The potentiometer on the Advken Pod Kit is another feature of the Advken Pod Kit.

Unlike many pod kits, the Advken Potento X offers a tiny version of the Advken Pod kit. This portable vape is not as customizable as the larger Pod Kits, which have an airflow and output adjustment. However, the device is small enough to be used in any location. It is also easy to transport and has a built-in USB charging port. The pods are made of durable aluminum for easy charging.

The Advken Pod Kit is a compact Pod System with a sleek body and novel design. It has a built-in battery and a USB Type-C port that allows it to charge rapidly. Charging the Pod Kit takes only an hour. The Pod Kit features a voltage adjustment knob and can generate 3.2 to 4.2 volts. The Advken Potento Cartridge comes with a 2.5ml capacity and a filling hole behind a silicone plug.

The Advken Potento X is the upgraded version of the original Pod kit. It retains the key features of the series, but uses a square shell. It is lightweight and contains no unnecessary decorations. The Pod Kit is available in four different colors and is simple. It features a button-less design with no buttons. It also includes a small indicator, USB port, lanyard loop, and two screws.

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